Renovation of “Cinema Impero” – Mirano (Venice), 2010 – Public client

2009 – 2011

The Project
The “Cinema Impero” was a building of the third decade of the ‘900. It is now severely degraded and partially collapsed. The project aims to obtain the “building permit” and involves the restoration of the building and the design of a new floor above ground. The building is flanked by the “Old Inn” of the late eighteenth-century period and numerous accretions disfiguring. The project also includes the renovation of that inn, and the demolition of accretions.

Professional services performed
Analysis of degradation, architectural reliefs, Definitive project.

The temporary grouping of professionals: Prof. Arch. Giuseppe Cristinelli (Cristinelli & Cristinelli Associates) group leader and responsible for design coordination. Architectural design: Prof. Arch. Giuseppe Cristinelli (Cristinelli & Cristinelli Associates), Emg. Franco Forcellini “Veniceplan” Structural design.



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