Renovation of “Palazzo dei Tre Portoni” Gorizia, 2011- Public client

2009 – 2015
amount of work  € 3.215.000,00 ca

The Project
The existing distribution system has been taken into account as it is still functional in satisfying the client’s needs properly; the few interventions consisted of some demolitions of superficial and restoration of pre-existing settlements, this on the ground planes, first, second and third. On the other hand, the floor and the attic were the most important, where spaces for archives and offices were created. The poor connotations of the finishes have been strictly preserved in the plaster, in the floors and in the fixtures, as well as in the stairs. The central group of the latter had undergone profound alteration in the 1950s; it was not considered advisable to propose restoring the previous situation, limiting intervention to simple maintenance with corrections of the more dissonant chromatic and material aspects. During the work, interesting decorative designs of dry paint, handmade or “stencil” have emerged. The shortage of financial resources will only allow the restoration of three or four environments.

Professional services performed
A historical survey, metric and photographic survey, investigation of materials, technologies, structures, degradation and disasters, design through all RIBA passages and Works Direction

Giuseppe Cristinelli, Project Manager; Mario Conti, Manuela Tomadin, Giordano-Bruno Cristinelli, Architectural design; Roberto Ocera, Fabio Legisa, Structural design; “ETA Progetti”, Systems design.



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